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Weather forecasts, snow depth reports, web cams and other info helpful to snowmobilers in Maine are available courtesy of the following web sites:


FORECAST: National Weather Service/Caribou, Maine

FORECAST: National Weather Service/Portland & Gray, Maine



Northern Outdoors (The Forks)

Lake Parlin Lodge (Parlin Pond Twp)

Kokadjo Roach Riders SC (Kokadjo-Roach Pond)

Northwoods Outfitters (Moosehead)

East Cove, Moosehead Lake - Greenville

The Birches - Rockwood

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin area)

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin view)

5 Lakes Lodge (Katahdin area)

OUR LANDOWNERS: Please respect all landowners wishes while riding. Snowmobilers in Maine are the guests of Maine landowners who allow access. It is every snowmobiler's responsibility to protect that access by acting responsibly.

STAY OFF PLOWED ROADS: Snowmobilers who illegally snowmobile on plowed paper company roads threaten access for everyone,
and endanger themselves and the employees operating vehicles on those roads. Do not ride on these plowed roads, and do not park your vehicles and trailers on these roads.

STAY OFF THE BLUEBERRY BARRENS AND OTHER CROPLAND: Snowmobilers who illegally ride on blueberry barrens or other cropland are creating problems for the landowners, potential damage to their crops and threatening recreational access for everyone. Stay on marked trails.

BORDER CROSSINGS: Increased concern and security at our borders calls for strict attention to the law. For information about crossing our border with Canada, see the Border Guide supplied by the United States Border Patrol. (.pdf format, viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download ).

ATVs and other motorized vehicles: It is against the law to operate an ATV (or a dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle) on a snowmobile trail funded by the Club/Municipal grant program at any time of the year, unless the landowners have granted permission to do so.

WHEN CROSSING RAILROAD TRACKS be careful not to spin snow onto the tracks. Over time this snow builds up creating a ramping effect that has caused train derailment. These rail lines are privately owned and can be closed, which would fracture the trail system. Stop and look both ways at all railroad crossings.

trail report submission email
Snowmobile Trail Conditions Path left behind the Chapman groomer Trail 74
Trail Reports are provided to the public courtesy of the members of the Maine Snowmobile Association. Reports are accepted from MSA family and business members, groomers/projects. Please include your name and the name of your MSA club when submitting the report.

If you post trail conditions on your MSA club or supporting business web site and wish to have your updates posted and linked from this page, drop us an email with your request. Please let us know when the report on your site has been updated.

Reports reflect observations of MSA family and business members who clear, sign, groom and ride the trails of Maine. Local chambers of commerce, businesses and snowmobile clubs are a good source for additional information on trails in their area.

Photo by Sue Maynard - The groomed trail left behind by the drag - Chapman Ridge Runners, Trail #74.


Benedicta:1/15: "Hey Gang, With temps, staying real cold Snowgang trails are hard and fast at this time. That being said my trail report is as follows::
ITS#83 - Sherman/Whetstone Falls - Groomed, with excellent conditions.
ITS#81 - Sherman/Benedicta/Mattawamkeag Cutoff - Will be groomed on Wed. morning, due to a groomer breakdown.
McAvoy Trail & Plunkett pond trails - regular grooming schedule, will be groomed on Wed.
SPECIAL NOTE:: Deer & moose using all trails to get around!! Remember, it is illegal to chase or harass these animals in any way!!" - Jim Splan, Reporter at large Benedicta Snowgang

Mars Hill:1/3 :"ITS 83 Monticello to Presque Isle is in good condition. NO DETOUR in Bridgewater this year. Slow down by the house in Westfield- GO 20 MPH by the house PLEASE!!
#9 Lake Trail is in good condition. Use extreme CAUTION on the plowed portion near #9 Lake as it is icy. Watch for vehicles and children by the camps!
Route 70A is in good condition. Watch for moose in the trail. There has been a lot of moose activity on this trail and they have been walking over signs knocking them down.
ITS 81 from Mars Hill southwest to Rte 70A is in good condition.
ITS 81 northeast from Mars Hill to Easton / Fort Fairfield is in good condition.
SLOW DOWN and RIDE RIGHT at a responsible rate of speed. Enjoy your ride and get to your destination safely" - Nick Bailey, Central Aroostook SC

Aroostook County:1/3: NOTE: Please view the full report with more detail and information at the Caribou Rec web site.
"Soldier Pond is reporting that they have been out grooming. Trail 73A ... rerouted at the Wallagrass stream, please use caution when going down Route 11. They still are reporting a few water holes but nothing major.
Eagle Lake is going to be in great shape for the weekend.
Washburn has been out on their trail 105 and ITS 83 and reporting good conditions. The trail to the Aroostook Hospitality Inn will be groomed but the section of ITS 83 needs to freeze more to allow the groomer to cross, snowmobiles can cross no problem.
Portage Lakers have been out since the new snow and are reporting very good conditions.
Caribou is reporting that their entire system is open ... reporting a few wet areas. ITS 90 near trail 88 intersection has a water hole, and near the intersection of trail 105 ..., this area still needs more snow.
Fort Kent is reporting that they have re-stood all their signs and markers. They are reporting that the system is all opened and groomed.
Fort Fairfield is out and grooming, they are reporting that it is still a little thin in areas.
Central Aroostook Snowmobile club will be out grooming everything.
Ashland has been over their entire system and is reporting good condition. There is a logging operation North of Town on ITS85, Caution should be used ...a lot of deer in this area. ITS 85 South is open, ... bridge is now repaired and open at Sco pan.
Allagash is reporting that they have been out, and trails are shaping up nicely. 120 has been groomed, ... logging operation on this trail so please use caution.
Frenchville has been out repaired all their issues, stood markers and signs. Trails are reported to be in good shape.
Red Arrow is reporting excellent conditions.
Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting good conditions, Trail 105 South is still closed due to a logging operation.
Aroostook River Snowmobile club is reporting very good conditions. ...
Easton is reporting trails are in good shape.
Madawaska is reporting that their trails are in great shape. ITS 83 has been reopened by the Airport.
Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting that they will have everything open for the weekend.
Van Buren is reporting that they have been over everything and is in good shape.
Nordic Lakers has opened all their system, trail 105 and 81 are in good shape.
Caswell is reporting that ITS 81 from Limestone intersection to Van Buren intersection has been opened and groomed. Trail 102 to trail 89 in the Connor area still has not been opened for the season, please seek alternate routes.
Limestone is reporting that they are out, and their system will be in good shape for the weekend.
The Meduxnekeag Ramblers have groomed ITS 86 west to St. Croix and are working on ITS 83 (the railbed) and filling in holes... ITS 86 east and ITS 105 to the border near Houlton will be completed on Saturday. ... Club trail 81 will be done sometime next week as it still needs more snow to fill in.
Linneus Sno Sports ... grooming ITS 83 to Houlton. All trails should be in good shape for the weekend. Snow is good with a decent base, but the groomers would like to see another 6 to 8 inches to make conditions excellent!
The Molunkus Sno-Drifters are reported good trails on ITS 83 to Sherman.... ITS 83 south to Island Falls is tied up with club members working on a wet hole.
...Shin Pond has groomed ITS 114 north/ ITS85 north and south out of Shin Pond as well as Club Trail 64. Matagamon is planning on working on their section of ITS 85 north and south this weekend. 71D and the Huber Rd. is plowed and not open due to logging activity.
Rockabema (the Patten Club) has groomed between Patten and Shin Pond on ITS 81 and is currently filling holes and washouts. Club Trail 62 is a total reroute and will leave ITS 81 partially around Shin Pond. Use caution. There is a shared stretch of 4 miles of plowed road on a railbed between Patten and Staceyville so use caution and watch for trucks.
The bridge on ITS 85 south of Ashland is open giving access to all points north.
The Benedicta Snow Gang - ITS81, Sherman/Benedicta/Mattawamkeag Cutoff is groomed, with good conditions. McAvoy club trail, and Plunkett Pond club trail .. groomed, with good conditions ITS83 Sherman/Whetstone Falls will be groomed by the time this report is posted Municipal Trail #70 -- Benedicta/Whetstone Falls -- CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!" - Gary Marquis, Caribou Parks and Rec

Oxbow-Masardis:: Oxbow-Masardis SC

St John Valley/ExtremeNorthern Maine ::


Katahdin Region:1/15: "Fun times on the trails. Grooming update: 85/86 - Stacyville rd to Whetstone groomed 1/11/2019, great condition
85/86 Pole Line groomed 1/13/2019. good condition;
85/86 Penobscot Pond via Grant Brook groomed 1/12/2019, groomed flat, fast;
85/86 - State Rd to Abol, Hurd Pond groomed 1/14/2019, good condition;
112 Connector - Logan Pond groomed 1/14/201, good condition;
112 Connector - Stratton Trail groomed 1/12/2019, good condition, few low-hanging branches good condition;
Jerry Pond to Hotels groomed 1/14/2019, good condition;
South Twin Connector to Brownville Rd and Bandstand groomed 1/14/2019, great condition;
Central St to Katahdin Inn groomed 1/14/2019, great condition.
All trails are very fast, use caution when riding. Ride Right, Ride Safe, Have Fun and See you on the Trails." - The Twin Pines Snowmobile Club!
Parking Locations in the Katahdin Region: Northern Timber Cruisers just outside Millinocket on the Lake Road; by the North Woods Trading Post between Ambajejus and Millinocket Lake and at the River Driver's Parking Lot on Millinocket Lake.
All trails are flat and fast ride accordingly, please use caution. The River Driver's Restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and we have gas for sled and lodging onsite.,

Patten:1/6:"Groomers out yesterday did 112W, RR Bed and 81N to meet Oxbow. Thank you all." Rockabema Snow Rangers

Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond area :: Shin Pond Village Facebook page,


Shirley:1/13 : "All trails are being groomed as often as possible. We have spent many hours today on the 3 mile section of the CCC Road Trail grooming and cutting bushes to make it easier to get throught. Please respect landowners property and stay on all marked trails. This past weekend too many snowmobilers have been free styling all over the place. We do not want to lose any landowners trails.." - Debi, Shirley Bog Trail Busters Inc. Shirley Bog Trail Busters, Facebook page

We are completely and totally disgusted and discouraged by the actions of these people. A manager for Weyerhauser discovered that snowmobiles had ridden all through the log yard off the trail and had actually driven a sled up and across a pile of wood that is waiting to be loaded on to trucks! This type of action represents the absolute worst behavior in our sport. All of the Club members who have spent hundreds of hours building and maintaining these trails are furious. Do not come to Greenville to ride our trails if you're going to behave like this, we don't want you here!

Kokadjo:1/11: Kokadjo Roach Riders web site reports "The snow and cold is back!! The last few days have given us lots of snow to work with and the cold temps are helping us turn it into great trails. The groomers have been out all week. There is still logging over on Route 66 so please stay off until they are done!" View web site for reports on individual trails.

Rockwood :1/10: "Yup, we have snow and the groomers are out! Going to be an awesome weekend."The Birches Resort , Facebook Page

Rockwood:1/9: Blue Ridge Riders Facebook page reports:"Finally snow ! Groomers have been out RT 66 to Piston Farm intersection and over to meet Jackman system at ITS 88. In town trails were groomed this morning. Our plan is to groom every thing again after the storm ends and then thru the weekend. I believe the Birches is grooming all there trails after the snow stops. We are all doing the best we can with the snow we have had, please keep in mind trails we share with ATVs take 3-4 times more snow to fill in all the ruts and rocks hazards. We are still working on our signage so please use caution. Ride safe and have fun." Blue Ridge Riders snowmobile club, Facebook page


Anson-North Anson:1/13: " The storm we received on Wednesday and Thursday caused significant icing on trees which made our trail system impassible. To date ITS 84 is groomed but still has some brushing to be done. River ramp was installed on Saturday. Anson / Starks trail has been groomed but still has some brushing to do. Club trail to Industry / New Vineyard is still closed due to downed trees." - Mike, Anson-North Anson SC

Jackman:1/13: Bishop's Motel web site reports " We have plenty of snow and the cold weather has kepy the trails in tip top condition. The groomers are going out nightly and now is the time!
CLUB TRAIL TO BORDER RIDERS. -closed due to logging
Rockwood: Good to very good overall" See more info and lodging information at web site linked above

The Forks:1/11:"We received about 10" from Wednesday's storm. Conditions on our trail system have improved dramatically with the new snow. Both groomers are out smoothing things out, and will be running throughout the weekend. Cold temperatures on the way will help set the trail up nicely. Should be a great weekend of riding coming up!
Kennebec River Trail - will be groomed on Friday. Plenty of snow all the way through.
ITS 87 south towards Bingham - in fine shape. Nice ride all the way with some great views of Sugarloaf Mtn and the Bigelow Range.
Pleasant Pond Trail - will not be opened this season, due to a winter long logging operation. Several miles of plowed roads.
ITS 87 north towards West Forks - good riding all the way. There is a 1 mile section of plowed road with plenty of snow on the surface. Watch for logging trucks through there.
ITS 86 east towards Greenville - good all the way. Power Line section at Moxie Pond is fine.
Bald Mountain Trail -closed till mid-January due to an active logging operation and several miles of plowed road.
For day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is large, well plowed and has plenty of room for trailers. Groomed access to all trails. The lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Trail maps, 91 octane ethanol-free gas, and food are available at Northern Outdoors.." - Jim Yearwood, Forks Area Trails Club. Northern Outdoors, Facebook page

West Forks, Parlin Pond:1/10: Coburn Summit Riders web site reports "Our snow total from the past couple days is somewhere around 8-12 inches. We've had groomers out already and will continue to groom through the weekend on our regular schedule. With the cold temps coming this weekend, I expect it to be the best riding of the season once everything sets up. There should be no more trouble spots on the trails but I will post an update Friday once we are able to groom all sections of the system. Our great start to the season continues, make the most of it!"- Joe

Jackman:1/10: Border Riders Sportsman Club web site reports " Trails are open. All are in good condition. Have fun riding." View more detailed reports at club website linked above

Solon:1/10: "The club will be out with both groomers and drags starting today (1/10/19). We expect post-storm grooming operations to last throughout the weekend, day and night to get the entire trail networked groomed and checked. Solon got about a foot of snow between the Tuesday and Wednesday storms (slightly more at elevation to the East/North away from 201 and the Kennebec Valley). The trail system currently has a snow base depth of 25+ inches with most wet sections frozen. Some heavy wet snow, ice and freezing rain occurred during the storm events, therefore RIDERS SHOULD EXPECT BRANCHES AND TREES/DEBRIS ON UN-GROOMED TRAILS.
More specific updates will be made once the groomers report back. Check our Facebook page form real time updates on trail conditions and pictures!
As a reminder, the McCarty Road section of ITS 87 (South of Griswold's Store) is still temporary closed due to logging (see below). This will slow down grooming operations since one groomer is cut off from support at the groomer barn. Please be patient and enjoy the snow!
Due to logging, the McCarty road section of ITS 87 will be completely closed for the beginning part of the season (landowner policy prohibits shared road/trail systems). Please check for updates. This will cause a significant interruption in our trail system that we will do our best to overcome. Riders accessing out system from the south will have to take ITS 113 to ITS 84. This will be accomplished by taking a right turn at intersection ST 4 and then a left turn at intersection ST 7. ITS 84 will take you back to ITS 87 on the rail bed at intersection ST 6. Due to the location of the closed section we will most likely have to work out arrangements on staging a groomer away from the groomer barn. While not ideal this will allow us to groom the largest section of our trail system."- Todd, SSH. View reports on individual trails at Solon Snow Hawks, Facebook page

Jackman-Moose River:1/9: "It's snowing! We have a solid base and this snow is only going to improve the riding. There is still some work happening to open up the border club trails after the bridge was replaced so as of today, it is still closed.
Check back with us again and we will update more as the weather changes.
Reminder: stay off wood plantations and plowed roads. Please do not ride on plowed roads (used for logging operations) unless the ITS is sharing a part of this road. It is their right to be on them and they may not be able to stop if you are on their road." - from the Jackman Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce web site Visit site for reports of individual trails.

Bingham:1/3 : "Hello Everyone, Snowmobile trails are up and running in the Bingham area and all points North. We have received around a foot of snow over the past week. All trails have been groomed and are in good shape. Please use caution as we still have occasional thin and icy spots. Part of ITS 87 is shared with a logging operation around Chase pond. This impacts about 2 miles of trail. You will enter The Forks Trail system shortly after this plowed section. Please yield to all workers and other logging equipment. ITS 87 South to Solon is open and in great shape. The wind tower trail is up and going. Great views on this trail of Sugarloaf and the Western Maine Mountains. This trail will bring you to Guilfords Breakneck Ridge trail. It is a good way to get to Greenville, Abbot and Guilford. The connection to The Forks Bald Mountain Trail off the Wind Tower trail is not yet open due to a Logging operation and plowed roads. They should be done working in the area in a few more weeks. ITS 84 is open and" - Leo Hill, Valley Riders, Gateway Recreation & Lodging

Bingham:1/3: "Hello and Happy New Year to you all. The Bingham trails are now open and Dr. Dave has been busy grooming and signing so we can all enjoy our trips. There are still some detours due to logging, so be sure to pay attention to all the sign showing where you can ride safe. As the trails change we try to make sure to sign everything so you know where you are headed. Please make sure at this time to heed all No Snowmobiling signs on the plowed roads for this is letting everyone know it's a logging road and those trucks believe me you don't even want to argue with. When you come up you will appreciate Dr. Dave's work as much as we do. Have FUN, be Safe hope to see you on the trails." - Valley Riders

Madison:1/1: Abnaki Sno-Riders Facebook page reports "Happy New Year! An update regarding the trails: although they are now open, they have not been groomed. We need quite a bit more snow and it needs to stay cold so they can get out there to make the trails flat for everyone. If you decide to ride, please use caution and look out for stubs and hazards that are normally buried under a good base."

Bingham:: North Country Rivers web site, Facebook page


Rumford:1/14: "1/14/19 - ITS 82 was groomed by Gene Knox and John Ross with the Tucker. They also groomed Trail 17 north from the groomer garage to ITS 82. Gene reported that the trails are very good.
1/14/19 - The A&B Trail was groomed by Bob Milligan.
1/14/19 - The Hanover Trail was groomed by Bob Milligan. Bob reported that the logging operation on the north end of the trail is still going on. Riders may want to avoid this area." - Rumford Polar Bears web site, Facebook page

Rangeley:1/14: "Trail closure update! East Branch South to Big Sag to Loop Rd. Also TIM POND is closed, & has been closed please stop using it! Wardens will be enforcing the trail closures."
:1/9: " It's snowin' folks! Trail report coming tomorrow! Groomers will be out every night until Tuesday. Be careful on the lakes we have some wicked pressure ridges forming!" - Rangeley Lakes SC Facebook page. View updated reports and trail by trail info on the club web site: Rangeley Lakes SC.

Bethel-Greenwood-Woodstock:1/14: From the Greenstock Snowsports Facebook page " Tuckers on the move! 93 was moved to West Bethel last night! Pipeline from Crocker Pond intersection to Flat Road is done and West Bethel to Bethel (Big Apple ) will be done today or tomorrow."

Naples:1/14: "Thanks to Alan Keefe for clearing trees on the east side and Greg Reinhard for doing the same on the west side. Trails need more snow but they also were able to do some limited grooming." Muddy River Sno-Seekers Facebook page, web page

Roxbury/Byron:1/10 : "Trail report: All of our trails were groomed before yesterday's storm. We've been able to fill more water bar and water holes. Trails are coming out great. The new snow was very wet, heavy, and sticky. The cooler temps coming will help make this snow more groomable. Watch for broken or low hanging branches from the heavy snow." - Craig Young, Slippery Sliders SC, Facebook page

Roxbury/Byron:TF: - Please note that the Bunker pond trail (River trail) and the Black bridge trail to ITS 82 are closed for the entire season

Hebron:1/10: "Hebron trails are all open. Most have been groomed and are hard packed. Very few issues with water holes and thin snow coverage mostly by Marshall Pond on ITS89. Please note that it is not possible to go to the top of Streaked Mtn now. The new tower equipment has been gated off. As always Ten Town Trail Maps, gas, food and bathroom are available at The Storekeepers who anxiously await your arrival! FMI: 207-754-1675." - B. Francis, Bouncing Bogies SC

Newry:1/7: "As of 1/7/19 The trail to Grafton is open to the Upton trail. We have groomed form Newry corner all the way up the Upton Trail, we have some brook holes open in places. Leon has groomed to the Andover trail 3 times , We are gaining with a little more help from mother nature, rating from 1 to 10 I would say a 6.5 or 7 on conditions" - Windy Valleys SC, Facebook page

Sebago :: Sebago Branch Duckers Facebook page.

Andover::Andover Trails Facebook page, Andover Snow Valley Sno-Goers Facebook page


Guilford:1/11: "All trails in our section are open and groomed.
ITS 85 is in great shape.
Breakneck Ridge is in great shape
French Connection is in great shape
Covered Bridge connector is in great shape
Harlow Pond and Robinson's store trail is groomed and in good shape, the Pond will marked this weekend, 16" of ice as always use caution on the ice.
Check the Facebook page for the most current updates and club information" - Craig Lemieux, Four Winds SC

Monson:1/11: Narrow Gauge Riders Snowmobile Club Facebook page reports " After 14 hours of grooming the Blanchard trail was done with the Skandics and the Pole Line and North Trail were done with the Pioneer. Thank you to Rebekah and Charlie at The Lakeshore House as well as Bruce Putnam for cutting blowdowns and bent over alders for hours on end and to Jeffrey Killiam for spending 2 hours getting the Pioneer started this morning when it didn't seem to want to cooperate. Trails should be in great shape for your Saturday ride tomorrow, but please let someone know where you're going in these cold temps."

Newport :1/6: "I.T.S.-84/85 were groomed out early this morning once the temperature got below 30 degrees. The trail appears to be in good shape, but riders should still use CAUTION as it is very icy just under the snow, along with other hidden obstacles!!! Remember: Slow Down. Keep Right. Ride Smart. Tread Lightly On The Throttle." - Scott Jakins S.V.S.C. Trailmaster.-Sebasticook Valley SC Facebook page.

Corinna:1/2: "Hey Everyone! Keep doing the snow dance to get some good snow on our trails! We went out last night and groomed the rail bed (ITS 85) and got it looking pretty flat! Use caution as it is still early season riding here so there could be hidden obstacles on the trail. Ride safe, Ride smart, and Ride right!" - Corundel Raiders SC Facebook page


Lexington-Highland-Concord-Pleasant Ridge :1/13 update: "Trail update, on Monday our groomer will be grooming Sandy Stream Rd, Highland to the Mailboxes, in Dead River. The trail towards Bingham trails were groomed Saturday, leaving us with one more trail which is still being made, planning to have it open by next weekend
:1/12: "As most clubs in this area we were hit with very heavy snow and all trails have trees down or hanging in the trails. Please be patient with us, trail from Lexington to JV Wing trail meets Carabassett trail has been groomed, trail to Dead River (mailboxes) has only been groomed a short way, so many trees down it has to be reassessed by trail master, trail to Bingham was open to day this goes as far as the Corrigan Farm Rd, please note trees also all over the place, if you have loppers please bring them along and give us a hand. The trail that goes to Gilman Pond via Happy Horseshoe is closed we are working on a new trail and hopefully it will be done by next weekend" - Cathy Horne, Lexington-Highlanders SC

Kingfield :1/12: "Groomers going out tonight to do ITS115 North and South should come out great with the cold weather. Going to check the river crossing tomorrow morning We'll keep you updated enjoy your ride stay safe!!!!" - Sno-Wanderers Club of Kingfield Facebook page.

Eustis/Stratton :1/11: "10-12" fresh powder and the trails are looking great. Grooming all weekend so come up and enjoy the riding. " - Arnold Trail SC, Facebook Page

New Portland :1/6: From the Wire Bridge Sno-Travelers Facebook page "Good morning all. Trails in New Portland have been groomed last nite.The groomer is back up and running;thanks to all members who pitched in."


Lincoln :1/14: From the Lincoln Snowhounds SC Facebook page: "Today Paul groomed ITS 82 from Trail 1 north of the clubhouse over through Chester to Acces Road / River Road and out to the east side of I-95 then back to the clubhouse. No water or mud was encountered on the powerline. Paul says "The trail came out great!" Please note that ITS 82 heading west was rerouted this year starting at Medunkeunk Stream. When the trail crosses the road bridge it also crosses the road (Route 116 / Chester Road) and follows the ATV trail up the entrance to Downs' pit. Upon Downs' request please stay to the LEFT when travelling up the pit entrance road and STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL! Happy Trails and THINK SNOW !!!"

Orrington:1/9: From the Orrington Trail Riders Facebook page: The "Sedge" bridge is severely compromised and unsafe, therefore closed until we can make repairs. This is the bridge between Brewer Lake Road (Brewer end) and the Trail 1&2 intersection. Please answer to the signage and don't cross it. Also take note to stay off landowners driveways when the trail is clearly marked to deter. Have respect. Thanks and Think Snow!" Orrington Trail Riders, website

Enfield:: Cold Stream Sno-Riders

Springfield ::Quad County SC web site, Facebook page See where the groomer has been

Bucksport:: Family SC, web site


Calais :1/10: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page: "Friendly reminder everyone. If conditions aren't reasonable for snowmobiling, please stay off the trails. We had a report of someone out yesterday on part of our system leading to Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. Riding in low snow or extremely slushy conditions only serves to degrade the trail and upset landowners. Please be patient and wait until the trails are in sufficient condition before heading out. If you really need to scratch that itch, load up your truck or trailer and head north or west a couple of hours. You'll find all the snow you could ask for."

Downeast Sunrise Trail:: Sunrise Trail web site or Facebook page

Beddington:: Airline Riders SC

Cherryfield :: Narraguagus SC web site report, Facebook page

CENTRAL MAINE (Greater LA, Augusta, Waterville etc)

West Gardiner :: "TRAIL UPDATE:All trails are open. Due to lack of snow use caution as there are rocks and holes to watch for. Pleased to report that Rt. 32R Alternate trail has been reopened all the way through.
Information signs which have a map of our trails have been posted at all major intersections & Welcome to West Gardiner signs with maps have been posted where neighboring trails connect to West Gardiner. Cobbosseecontee SC

Albion :1/13: - Night Roadrunners SC Facebook page: "Went out with the club sled and packed ITS 85 from unity line to the mini mart ! The base and swamp are frozen solid! If we get one more storm it will come out really nice! If you ride go slow through the chopping I did the best I could with the snow I had to work with !!" - Tom

Sidney: 1/11: "Sidney has just started grooming their trails today (1/7). It is early season so everyone please use caution. We are trying to get the water spots frozen and make sure all the trails are clear. Stay safe and have fun, Hope to see you on the Trails!!" -A Kramer, Sidney Trail Riders

Winthrop:1/8: "Trails are open with minimal snow coverage. Please respect landowners property.Use caution!" - Hillandalers SC web site

Belgrade:1/7: "Trails are open and grooming has begun. Early season riding so use caution. Any questions call Ernie Rice 495-3452." - Belgrade Draggin Masters web site.

Lewiston:1/6: From the Hillside Family Riders Facebook page "The gates are open in Lewiston for trail work. There is still no riding to be had. We will need several inches before the trails can be ridden. Lots of rock and stumps showing and a lot of wet areas and wash outs. PLEASE respect our land owners and wait for significant snow. Hopefully this week will pay off." - Greg Morin, Trailmaster Hillside Family Riders SC,

Gardiner: :

Palermo:: Palermo SC

Auburn :: Auburn Sno-Groomers


Parsonsfield:1/12 : "Scott, Candy and I started at 8:30 got back at 5:30. Long day but we cleared and groomed all of our trails in Parsonsfield and Cornish." Sacopee Valley Snowdrifters

Cumberland/North Yarmouth:1/8: Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Facebook page reports :"Reminder, we have not yet had a chance to see if the Town cut the trail from Tuttle Road to Val Halla alongside Crossing Brook. Until that new trail is cut and two bridges placed in the gullies by the Town, that trail is closed at the Tuttle Road gate. The developers will not allow us temporary access across the field to the old trail.
That also won't allow us to groom Val Halla Golf Course for you cross country skiers, or the trail over Greely Road, Aspen Crest and up the powerline toward Doughty Road and Route 9.
Should we have enough snow, you would need to go via Turkey Lane, around through Falmouth's trail system to get from west of Tuttle Road to any other location.
We had hoped the Town was starting on it this week, but guessing the storms have thrown a wrench into those plans. We'll continue to monitor.

Hollis:12/13: "Bridge work is complete and most but not all signs are up. The cold weather the last few weeks did a good job freezing up wet spots but we still need a good storm to open the trails. Keep an eye on Facebook for upcoming meetings and events. If anyone has time to do some signing we could use a hand." - D Yarumian, Hollis Honkers SC

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