Weather forecasts, snow depth reports, web cams and other info helpful to snowmobilers in Maine are available courtesy of the following web sites:

SNOW DEPTH MAP: NOAA/NE River Forecast Ctr

24 HR SNOWFALL MAP: NOAA/NE River Forecast Ctr

FORECAST: National Weather Service/Caribou, Maine

FORECAST: National Weather Service/Portland & Gray, Maine

TRAVEL CONDITIONS: Maine Dept. of Transportation


Northern Outdoors (The Forks)

Monticello (Aroostook)

Beaver Cove Camps (Moosehead)

Gray Ghost Camps (Rockwood)

Pittston Farm (Moosehead)

Lake Parlin Lodge (Parlin Pond Twp)

Shin Pond Village (Northern Katahdin)

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin area)

Twin Pine Camps-Katahdin view

OUR LANDOWNERS: Please respect all landowners wishes while riding. Snowmobilers in Maine are the guests of Maine landowners who allow access. It is every snowmobiler's responsibility to protect that access by acting responsibly.

STAY OFF PLOWED ROADS: Snowmobilers who illegally snowmobile on plowed paper company roads threaten access for everyone,
and endanger themselves and the employees operating vehicles on those roads. Do not ride on these plowed roads, and do not park your vehicles and trailers on these roads.

STAY OFF THE BLUEBERRY BARRENS AND OTHER CROPLAND: Snowmobilers who illegally ride on blueberry barrens or other cropland are creating problems for the landowners, potential damage to their crops and threatening recreational access for everyone. Stay on marked trails.

BORDER CROSSINGS: Increased concern and security at our borders calls for strict attention to the law. For information about crossing our border with Canada, see the Border Guide supplied by the United States Border Patrol. (.pdf format, viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download ).

ATVs and other motorized vehicles: It is against the law to operate an ATV (or a dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle) on a snowmobile trail funded by the Club/Municipal grant program at any time of the year, unless the landowners have granted permission to do so.

WHEN CROSSING RAILROAD TRACKS be careful not to spin snow onto the tracks. Over time this snow builds up creating a ramping effect that has caused train derailment. These rail lines are privately owned and can be closed, which would fracture the trail system. Stop and look both ways at all railroad crossings.

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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Eustis-Stratton

Grooming has ended, and the fat lady has hit the high notes. There's still snow, in some places there's a lot of snow, and riding will likely continue somewhere until the last shaded snow pile melts away. Diehards, be careful out there and please ride only where welcome.
What a great winter - hope everyone enjoyed the groomed trails. I'll be winding this page down this week, so see you next season - when you can help us all out by registering early, and joining an MSA snowmobile club.

Reports reflect observations of MSA members who clear, sign, groom and ride the trails of Maine. Local chambers of commerce, businesses and snowmobile clubs are a good source for additional information on trails in their area.

Trail Reports are provided to the public courtesy of the members of the Maine Snowmobile Association. Reports are accepted from MSA family and business members, groomers/projects. Please include your name and the name of your MSA club when submitting the report. If you post trail conditions on your club web site and wish to have your updates posted and linked from this page, drop us an email with your request.

Photo by Alan Swett - ITS 86, Eustis to Coburn Gore.


Madawaska-St John River Valley:4/15: reports: the signs and markers are coming down and it is getting down to diehard riding with caution on an amazingly solid base....."

Aroostook County:4/9: Caribou Rec reports : "Well they say it ain't over until the fat lady sings and I can tell you she ain't singing yet but boy she is humming loud! Today, Wednesday was cool and it will be colder tonight but the day time temps will be softening the snow pack, projects are all over extended and grooming has wound down for this 2013-2014 season. BUT the snow pack is still awesome and for those folks that just canŐt get enough the riding will continue well into next week. The snow pack is so deep and dense now that field markers will remain for quite a while. Field areas will be the first to go but the woods trails will remain rideable along with the lakes which really have good ice. There is no real substantial rain in the forecast which is good for the folks in Fort Kent and along the river and it is also good for diehard sledders who want to take advantage of warm sunny days... Remember that ATV trails donŐt automatically open once the snowmobile season ends with the depth of the frost in the ground and the snow pack it looks like the ATV season will be delayed until the middle or end of May.
There are still some club functions that continue into the spring and summer so please stop by those functions and help the clubs and grooming projects out that over extended their budgets this year to provide riding to snowmobilers and to bring customers to many local businesses. And donŐt forget to thank the landowners that continually allow thousands of people on to their land to enjoy the Maine outdoors it is easy to forget that riding is a privilege, not a right !
For now take advantage of this last vestiges of a great snowmobile season but please use caution because water is starting to run !!! "

Frenchville: : Frenchville SC reports

Macwahoc:: Eastern Maine Snow Riders

Benedicta:: Benedicta Snowgang

Mars Hill::


Katahdin Region: Critical Trail alert! - Katahdin region -Logan Pond: 4-11: "Critical Trail alert! As of this morning Sandy Stream has carved a channel through the ice bridge on the Logan Pond Trail. This renders the trail impassable at Sandy Stream and there is no other way around! While there is great riding on the trail, one can no longer travel all the way from ITS 86 East, the Stacyville road through to the entrance of Baxter State Park! Plan accordingly and remember we mean it when we say the stream is not safe to cross or even physically possible to cross. the ice bridge served us like a charm this winter, but we hope to have you back on a real bridge next winter! Great riding exists on the West side of our system into the Jo Mary country and towards Kokadjo!"
4/9: "Our grooming update for tonight Wednesday: We will be grooming ITS 85/86, grant Brook Road to Penobscot Pond, the South Twin Connector, Wild Kingdom Trail and we will groom the Stacyville Road to the Logan Pond Trail. This makes for a good 40-45 mile loop from Twin Pines along some really scenic trails. NOTE** All riders should evaluate the Ice Bridge on the Logan Pond Trail on a trip by trip basis for safety. Should be some beautiful Spring Riding this weekend - will be 8 months before you get to do this again. All services at NEOC/River Driver's/Twin Pines are available - Great deals for the weekend, see you then!
Find us on Facebook - Video trail Report from April 1st 2014: "- New England Outdoor Center

Bowlin-Matagamon-Shin Pond Area SC: :

Katahdin Region-JoMary trails ::

Ebeemee Twp: : Ebeemee Snowmobile Club


Historic Pittston Farm:4/9: Historic Pittston Farm reports: "The trail between Jackman and Pittston Farm has Spring Conditions, except for the plowed sections, and those are bare. The remainder of trails are spring conditions as well and as of this report there doesn't appear to be any water holes, but that could change in the next few days with the warmer tempertures, fog, and melting snow. Trails have not been groomed for about a week, but if conditions permit it looks like Jackman will groom tonight and we will as well, so the trail between Jackman and us should be good riding for the weekend. It is safe to say, spring is coming fast so you might want to get one at least one more nice ride in before putting the sleds away. It looks like we are looking at our 5th Season called "Mud Season' soon.
Thank you all very much for your continued support of our club and business. You are very much appreciated by all of us here and we couldn't have done it without YOU!!! Be Safe and we will see you next season." - Jennyo!

Rockwood:4/9:Blue Ridge Riders snowmobile club Facebook page reports "The spring snow is settling and the mountain trails are calling! Whitecap, Boundary Bald, Mt. Kineo, just to name a few. "

Rockwood:: The Birches Resort

North East Carry::

Greenville:: Moosehead Riders SC Local info also found on Moosehead Riders Facebook page

Kokadjo::Kokadjo Roach Riders View reports of individual trails at web site linked above.


Jackman:4/15: Bishop's Motel reports "Groomers are done for the season. Riding wasn't bad last weekend but the snow is dropping fast! You would need to trailer North to Border Rider's Clubhouse to get started. Off trail riding North of us is fair to good as long as you are familiar with the area to know where you are. Riding is just about done. "

Jackman:4/10:Border Riders Sportsman Club reports "We groomed last night. Trails still have snow. In town trail is a bit bare, so it is probably best to trailer out of town to the clubhouse to start. Call a local business for current conditions." View reports on individual trails at website linked above

Solon: : Solon Snow Hawks report

Jackman-Moose River:: Jackman Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce web site

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West Forks, Parlin Pond:: Coburn Summit Riders

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Downeast Sunrise Trail:: "The Down East SunriseTrail is now closed for mud season until May 15" View the Sunrise Trail web site.

Cherryfield:: Narraguagus SC web site

Calais:: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page

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Kingfield:: Kingfield Sno-Wanderers Snowmobile Club 3

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CENTRAL MAINE (Greater LA, Augusta, Waterville etc)

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