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Weather forecasts, snow depth reports, web cams and other info helpful to snowmobilers in Maine are available courtesy of the following web sites:


FORECAST: National Weather Service/Caribou, Maine

FORECAST: National Weather Service/Portland & Gray, Maine



Northern Outdoors (The Forks)

Lake Parlin Lodge (Parlin Pond Twp)

Kokadjo Roach Riders SC (Kokadjo-Roach Pond)

Northwoods Outfitters (Moosehead)

East Cove, Moosehead Lake - Greenville

The Birches - Rockwood

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin area)

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin view)

5 Lakes Lodge (Katahdin area)

OUR LANDOWNERS: Please respect all landowners wishes while riding. Snowmobilers in Maine are the guests of Maine landowners who allow access. It is every snowmobiler's responsibility to protect that access by acting responsibly.

STAY OFF PLOWED ROADS: Snowmobilers who illegally snowmobile on plowed paper company roads threaten access for everyone,
and endanger themselves and the employees operating vehicles on those roads. Do not ride on these plowed roads, and do not park your vehicles and trailers on these roads.

STAY OFF THE BLUEBERRY BARRENS AND OTHER CROPLAND: Snowmobilers who illegally ride on blueberry barrens or other cropland are creating problems for the landowners, potential damage to their crops and threatening recreational access for everyone. Stay on marked trails.

BORDER CROSSINGS: Increased concern and security at our borders calls for strict attention to the law. For information about crossing our border with Canada, see the Border Guide supplied by the United States Border Patrol. (.pdf format, viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download ).

ATVs and other motorized vehicles: It is against the law to operate an ATV (or a dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle) on a snowmobile trail funded by the Club/Municipal grant program at any time of the year, unless the landowners have granted permission to do so.

WHEN CROSSING RAILROAD TRACKS be careful not to spin snow onto the tracks. Over time this snow builds up creating a ramping effect that has caused train derailment. These rail lines are privately owned and can be closed, which would fracture the trail system. Stop and look both ways at all railroad crossings.

trail report submission email
Snowmobile Trail Conditions Path left behind the Chapman groomer Trail 74
Trail Reports are provided to the public courtesy of the members of the Maine Snowmobile Association. Reports are accepted from MSA family and business members, groomers/projects. Please include your name and the name of your MSA club when submitting the report.

If you post trail conditions on your MSA club or supporting business web site and wish to have your updates posted and linked from this page, drop us an email with your request. Please let us know when the report on your site has been updated.

Reports reflect observations of MSA family and business members who clear, sign, groom and ride the trails of Maine. Local chambers of commerce, businesses and snowmobile clubs are a good source for additional information on trails in their area.

Photo by Sue Maynard - The groomed trail left behind by the drag - Chapman Ridge Runners, Trail #74.


Benedicta:3/18: "Hey Gang, After the big warmup over the last 2-3 days I am happy to report that all Snowgang trails held up nicely! After the cool down last night our grooming schedule is back on track. With that being said, my trail report is as follows::
ITS#83 - Sherman/Whetstone Falls - being groomed today By Tim Coombs in his TM 140 - conditions should be excellent!!
ITS#81 - Sherman/Benedicta/Mattamkeag Cutoff - will be groomed by Tim Coombs on Tuesday. I inspected this trail myself, and it is still excellent - should set up nicely!!
NOTE::: Club trails will be groomed on Tues.
NOTE ::: Our TS 110 has been put out of service for the rest of the season. Will be finishing up with one groomer!! Electrical issue - not major."- Jim Splan, Reporter at large, Benedicta Snowgang

Mars Hill:3/18 :"We will be starting to get out over our trail system again after the warm up- probably Sunday night. We encourage sledders to not spin their tracks and ride reasonably this weekend to help maintain the trail conditions.
ITS 83 from Monticello to Presque Isle is in good condition.
ITS 81 from Mars Hill to Easton is in good condition.
ITS 81 from Mars Hill to T10R3 Rte 70A intersection is in good condition.
Rte 70A and the #9 Lake trails are both in fair condition.
Ride Safe and Keep Right. With the deep snow here in The County we are seeing deer and moose on the trails a lot. Be very careful about these animals and do not push them along by riding close to them so that continually are running. It is harmful to their health and it is illegal to harass them in this way. Be patient, follow at a long distance from them, and they will eventually get off the trail."- Nick Bailey, Central Aroostook SC

Aroostook County :3/14: NOTE: Please view the full report with more area details and social events at the Caribou Rec web site.
Soldier Pond is reporting that their trails are still in good shape and hope to be back out grooming on Sunday.
Washburn trails are holding up well and will be back out once temps drop. They will be demoing a new Tucker 2000 and trail paver drag on Thursday.
Nordic Lakers groomed their trails on Thursday and are reporting good conditions. Trail 81 down behind the capital hill area, please use caution as the water is starting to eat the edge of the trail.
Portage Lakers are reporting that they have been over their system and are reporting good conditions. They will be back out on Sunday morning. Please use caution off the 105 intersection with ITS 90 as there is a logging operation, it is very well marked.
Caribou is reporting good conditions and have been over their entire system all week and will be back out once temps drop. There is a new logging operation on ITS 90W just before the 105 trails. It is well marked.
Fort Kent is reporting that their trails are in excellent condition and are ready for a busy weekend. They will be back out once the temps drop.
Eagle Lake is reporting good conditions and will be out once temps drop.
Fort Fairfield is reporting that they have been over everything the past two days and will go out again once temps drop.
Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting they have been over their ITS trails in the last 2 days. Rt. 70a and #9 lake trail were in good shape, so they did not groom them.
Ashland is reporting they have groomed all their ITS trails as of Thursday afternoon and will be back out once temps drop. There is still a lot of deer on ITS 85 between Ashland and Portage.
Allagash is reporting that they have groomed everything before the warm up and will be back out once temps drop.
Frenchville is reporting their system all groomed as of Thursday morning and are going to wait until it gets colder.
Red Arrow has groomed everything and is waiting until colder temps. Irving has plowed out a road on ITS 83 on the powerline South of the Coulomb Road.
Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting that they are in good shape.
Aroostook River Snowmobile club has groomed everything and waiting until temps drop.
Easton is still down and are reporting not the best conditions.
Madawaska is reporting good conditions and has been doing double duty helping Grand Isle as they are still down.
Grand Isle is reporting that they are still down. They groomed their entire system last night using Madawaska's machine.
Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting that they will be back out once temps drop.
Van Buren is reporting that they are in good shape and will be back out when temps drop.
Caswell is reporting they are in good shape. Trail 100 to trail 94 remains closed. Trail 102 to trail 89 in the Connor area is now open. Please use caution as they are going through a logging operation. Logging operation on trail 81A please use caution.
Southern Aroostook:
Oxbow-Masardis groomed ITS 85 and 86 on Monday and will be going back out once temps drop.
Benedicta Snow gang has groomed trails on Monday and Tuesday, they will be back at it once temps drop.
East Grand snowmobile club are reporting good conditions.
Shin Pond is reporting great conditions and will resume once temps drop
* A Reminder: Landowners are within their rights to conduct logging operations on their own land. It is their business. They are nice enough to allow the Clubs access to get from one place to another. Please show respect and stay on marked trails and use caution."- Gary Marquis, Caribou Parks and Rec

St John Valley/ExtremeNorthern Maine ::


Mattawamkeag:3/13: "All trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition as of today. Grooming has stopped for this week until cooler weather moves in. Please keep in mind trails will deteriorate with traffic and weather.
Medway connector/Trail110 has 1 mile of trail plowed to ice and snow. Please use caution as their is heavy equipment and work happening." - Nate Peters, Mattawamkeag Roadrunners

Katahdin Region:3/13: "Twin Pines Snowmobile Club Katahdin Region and Millinocket Update: We have a lot of snow on the ground in Northern Maine, Trails are in good condition, days are getting longer. We will be grooming again over the weekend. Ride Right, Ride Safe and See you on the Trails.
85/86 - Stacyville rd to Whetstone groomed 3/11, good condition
85/86 Pole Line groomed 3/12, good condition
85/86 Penobscot Pond via Grant Brook groomed 3/6, good condition
85/86 - State Rd to Abol, Hurd Pond groomed 3/12, State Rd has some long rolling moguls.
112 Connector - Logan Pond groomed 3/12, good condition
112 Connector - Stratton Trail groomed 3/11, good condition
Wild Kingdom groomed 3/12, good condition
Jerry Pond to Hotels groomed 3/11, good condition
South Twin Connector, Millinocket Bandstand to Penobscot River/Brownville Rd groomed 3/12, good condition
Central St to Katahdin Inn groomed 3/11, good condition
River Driver's Restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and we have gas for sled and lodging onsite.River Driver's Restaurant,

Jo Mary Riders Update:3/13: "JoMary Riders: On Saturday night we groomed the 111, the lower 109 and the "Downtown" trail. On Friday we groomed Russell Point, Parkway and Scenic Loop."

Northern Timber Cruisers:3/8: "Grooming update. We groomed the Dolby pond trail on Tuesday March 5th and Wadleigh Pond trail last night. The trails are in great condition and this weekend will be a great weekend to ride. Please ride right and ride safe. Have a great weekend..."

East Branch Sno-Rovers:3/13: " Last night they groomed 83S to Endless and 109 to South Twin."

Parking Locations in the Katahdin Region: Northern Timber Cruisers just outside Millinocket on the Lake Road; by the North Woods Trading Post between Ambajejus and Millinocket Lake and at the River Driver's Parking Lot on Millinocket Lake.
Snowmobile maps are here! Find a pdf link here:

Patten:: Rockabema Snow Rangers

Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond area :: Shin Pond Village Facebook page,


Shirley:3/17 : "We finally have our track truck ready for grooming, but the trails are too soft with the recent warmup. We are also not able to get our track truck across the Bennett Brook Bridge, so we can not groom the rest of the CCC Road Trail the rest of this season. All of our trails still have lots of snow. As of March 17 our trails are now frozen solid and quite rough. Enjoy the spring riding and stay off the trails if the weather is too warm." - Debi, Shirley Bog Trail Busters, Facebook page

Rockwood:3/14: Blue Ridge Riders web site reports: "We groomed all of BRRSC trails Wednesday night. Trail reports are very good, a little rain Friday , I don't believe that will hurt the trails at all. still great riding up in the Moosehead area, so come on up and enjoy it. Want to pass along information on both Brassua and Moosehead lakes, the power company is dropping the level very fast and more than normal, this means rocks and stumps will be hazards no previously there. As always please ride safe , use caution and enjoy the ride, slow down and look around at the beautiful scenery . Watch for moose , they don't want to get off trail anymore than you do, please don't chase them, give them 5 minutes and they will go away. Its never to late to support your club , join or donate where you ride, we cant do it without YOU!" Blue Ridge Riders snowmobile club, Facebook page

Greenville:3/8: Moosehead Riders SC Facebook page reports :"Our entire system will be groomed tonight! Enjoy a wonderful weekend of riding. Stay safe and have fun!"

Rockwood :3/4: From the The Birches Resort website: "Storm today, dumped over 3 inches of powder so far. All Birches Groomers are operating. ITS 88 will groomed again Wed, Friday and Saturday this week, from Jackman system to Greenville/Forks system.
The lake trail from The Birches to Mt Kineo is marked. We have a three to five foot snow base snow on most trails.
All Trails have been groomed recently. Cold conditions will keep the trails in good shape. Reserve your accommodations and sled rentals now for the winter season.
We have several new snowmobiles in our fleet. We will have our three Birches Groomers out as needed to keep conditions top notch, making the riding in the Rockwood area the best ever." Facebook Page

Kokadjo:3/1: Kokadjo Roach Riders web site reports "The groomer has been out and we have hit every trail so conditions are decent" View club web site for reports on individual trails.


The Forks:3/14:"We received about 4" of snow on Sunday night. Temperatures have been cold at night and the Tuckers have been out regularly. Trails are in fine shape right now. We are in for a little warm up (40's) over the next 3 days, but no significant rain in sight. Temps cool off to normal again on Sunday. Should be real good riding for another couple of weeks. We plan to groom regularly right through March, and our lodge and restaurant will be open until April 7th.
ITS 86 east towards Greenville - because of heavy traffic, intown gets beat up quickly. Once out of town just 1 mile, things improve. Power Line section at Moxie Pond is fine. Great riding all the way to the ITS 88 intersection.
Kennebec River Trail - good snow all the way through from Berry's Store to Northern Outdoors.
Bald Mountain Trail - plenty of snow with good riding. This trail connects to the Bingham Windmill Trail, as well as the Breakneck Ridge Trail (see note below regarding the Windmill Trail).
ITS 87 south towards Bingham - in fine shape. Great cruising all the way with some nice views of Sugarloaf Mtn and the Bigelow Range.
Pleasant Pond Trail - will not be opened this season, due to a winter long logging operation. Several miles of plowed roads.
Caratunk Spur - open and in good shape. *** The south end of the Windmill Trail off of ITS 87 has been plowed and there is now active logging going on. The Windmill Trail off of ITS 87 is now posted closed. You can still access the windmills from the north end, via the Bald Mountain Trail or Breakneck Ridge Trail. However, there is no longer a through trail. It is a dead end at the windmills and you'll have to back track.
With the deep snowpack, there are a lot of animals using the trails at all times of day and night to get around, particularly deer. Be very careful out there... you can come up on them quickly." - Jim Yearwood, Forks Area Trails Club. Northern Outdoors, Facebook page
For day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is large, well plowed and has plenty of room for trailers. Groomed access to all trails. The lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Trail maps, 91 octane ethanol-free gas, and food are available at Northern Outdoors. **PLEASE NOTE: gas is CASH ONLY and available from 9:00am-5:00pm**

Jackman-Moose River3/14: "The trails are still perfect for riding. We have a couple days of warmer temperatures but the night temperatures are below 30. Another cold front coming this weekend.
We have so much snow o the trails that the trails should stay good.
NOTE: For SAFETY REASONS, the Bald Mountain Road in Bald Mountain Township north of Jackman is closed to visitors on Monday thru Friday for the rest of the winter. Please stop before crossing main roads or any intersections." - from the Jackman Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce web site Visit site for reports of individual trails.

Jackman:3/7: Bishop's Motel web site reports "The trails are in the best condition of the year. The groomers are still going out on a regular basis and the temperature is excellent for riding.
NORTH TO CANADA - excellent
SOUTH TO PARLIN AND FORKS--very good to excellent
PITTSTON FARM: -very good to excellent
CLUB TRAIL TO BORDER RIDERS. -Very good to Excellent
Rockwood: very good " See more info and lodging information at web site linked above

Solon:3/6: "All trails are absolutely amazing! Come and Ride!" - View reports on individual trails at Solon Snow Hawks, Facebook page

Jackman:3/6: Border Riders Sportsman Club web site reports " All trails should be in very good condition." View detailed trail by trail reports at club website linked above

Madison:3/4: Abnaki Sno-Riders Facebook page reports "Winter wonderland. Trails are in great shape. Nothing like a Monday morning ride.!!!!! Trailmaster. Ride right. Stay on marked trails. Thank you. Solon groomed last night too ."

Anson-North Anson:3/1: " The cold temperatures have kept the trails in amazing condition. Grooming will remain on a regular grooming schedule as long as conditions are appropriate. ITS 84 is excellant. Anson Starks was groomed on Wednesday. Anson New Vineyard will be groomed this afternoon. Hilton loop trail will be groomed this afternoon. Sandy river crossing trail is excellent" - Mike, Anson-North Anson SC

West Forks, Parlin Pond:2/27: Coburn Summit Riders web site reports "The last few days have been some of the windiest that I can remember. The drifts on our trail system and everywhere else have definitely been challenging for groomers. Although we've struggled the past couple weeks with groomer issues, we've been running the machines we do have in service day and night to get the trails in good shape. The cold weather the past few days along with low traffic has helped to set trails up and get them back in shape. After tonight's groom, it should be a great ride anywhere on our system... except for the summit trail. We expect to have our big groomer that we do the mountain with back in service this Saturday and we'll open the trail back up as soon as we do. The drifts are very deep up top so we suggest experienced riders only attempt it. We appreciate all the support and thank everyone for an awesome turnout at last weekend's Poker Run. The last 1/3 of the season is here so get it while you can, Conditions are Phenomenal!"- Joe

Bingham: : Gateway Recreation & Lodging

Bingham:: North Country Rivers web site, Facebook page


Hebron:3/15: "Conditions are good in Hebron and Buckfield with all trails open. According to NewCenter 6 the weekend weather is going to be a bit warm Saturday but cooling early evening making conditions good for grooming for Sunday. Spring is just around the corner so make the best of the snow packed trails! Ten Town Trail Maps, gas, food and bathroom are available at The Storekeepers who anxiously a wait your arrival! FMI: 207-754-1675. Please note: The Storekeepers is closed on MONDAYS. A big thank you to all the volunteers whose commitment to the clubs provides us all with the trail systems we enjoy using every winter season! Support the sport!" - B. Francis, Bouncing Bogies SC

Roxbury/Byron :3/7: "Trail Report: We took just the groomer up 117N to plow out some of the drifts. This should help our next grooming run. The rest of the trail system had a one way pass earlier in the week. We are working towards getting the trails groomed up for the weekend " - Craig Young, Slippery Sliders SC, Facebook page

Rumford:3/7: "ITS 82 from the Black Mountain Trail to Horseshoe Valley was groomed by Gene and John. They also groomed the Black Mountain Trail to the Warming Hut, and continued on to groom the Swain Pond Trail. In addition they groomed Trail 17 from ITS 82 to the groomer garage." - Rumford Polar Bears web site, Facebook page

Naples:2/26: "Trails are still great with plenty of snow and more snow on the way. " Muddy River Sno-Seekers Facebook page, web page

Bethel-Greenwood-Woodstock:2/15: From the Greenstock Snowsports Facebook page ""Trail Update- Chet groomed from Albany base to Rabbit Rd and Albany loop mountain trail last night with addition of more signage! Albany base to Crocker Pond will be done tonight. The bridge to West Paris tie is out of commission but a detrour has been established watch for signage. Thank you guys!
FYI - It has been brought to our attention that snowmobilers have been coming across pedestrians walking their dogs on the groomed snowmobile trails. While some landowners permit it some don't. If you are using the trails for something other than snowmobiling make sure you are getting the landowners permission. And please beaware that you are on a marked snowmobile trail and you can hear them coming but they cannot hear you. If you hear sleds coming please step to the side for your safety and theirs and snowmobilers be respectful and slow down when approaching people or animals. Our trails are narrow and twisty so lets try to keep everyone safe and have fun.!"

Newry:2/14: "Hi all just a heads up the trail leaving the grange hall headed north is closed until further notice. This is the section of trail that they are logging on. We are in the process of getting the old trail opened back up need to talk with land owner. Until then you can use the trail that goes up the other side of the river. Ride Safe and enjoy the trails" - Windy Valleys SC, Facebook page

Rangeley:2/13: "-Well folks it's still snowing in Oquossoc. Everyone fights about totals, so I think it's safe to say we have more then we had and less then 18". Anyway the rev says we have 10" in Oquossoc Village, we haven't heard any other totals yet. The groomahs will be heading out, looks like a solid week of riding! " - Rangeley Lakes SC Facebook page. View updated reports and trail by trail info on the club web site: Rangeley Lakes SC.

Roxbury/Byron:TF: - Please note that the Bunker pond trail (River trail) and the Black bridge trail to ITS 82 are closed for the entire season

Sebago :: Sebago Branch Duckers Facebook page.

Andover::Andover Trails Facebook page, Andover Snow Valley Sno-Goers Facebook page


Monson:3/17: Narrow Gauge Riders Snowmobile Club Facebook page reports "The Pioneer is broken down on the north trail between the old clubhouse and the wyman farm road, hydrostatic drive pump issues, could not repair tonight so will be on the trail, tough to get by with a sled so we will be shutting down the north trail until we can recover it."

Newport :3/16: "As I write this report it is currently sunny and 38 degrees and the talk is that it will be in the high 40s by this afternoon. With that being said, our trails have taken quite a hit in the past 24 Hrs. So we ask that people please refrain from riding till things cool back down and we get a little snow, so hopefully we can get back to grooming by the middle of next week and attempt to get a few more weeks of riding. ... please use Extreme Caution if you plan on riding any bod(ie)s of water. ... Again the plan is to resume grooming sometime the first of next week so please continue to follow us here on FB for any further updates." - Scott Jakins S.V.S.C. Trailmaster.-Sebasticook Valley SC Facebook page.

Corinna:2/18: "ITS 85 groomed Monday night 2-18-19 came out excellent!" :2/15: "CAUTION everyone traveling the garland/Exeter trail. Old timers will remember the spot where the beaver dam used to be prior to the "pullen fields." Groomer broke through and I did a quick fix that will hopefully hold up for snowmobiles. We will address a more permanent solution for next season. Ride with caution."- Corundel Raiders SC Facebook page

Guilford:: Four Winds SC


Kingfield :3/14: "Another great day of trail work. Be careful if riding ITS115 north saw 5 moose on the trail use caution." - Sno-Wanderers Club of Kingfield Facebook page.

Eustis/Stratton :3/7:"The trails are absolutely great. Best riding of the season. Groomers will be out all weekend. Caution there are a couple reroutes due to logging follow signage. If you like flat trails donate at any local business it all goes to grooming. We exhausted our grants already and are just grooming out of club funds. Grooming expense to date exceeding $140,000. We get $60,000 from state grant. " - Arnold Trail SC, Facebook Page

New Portland :3/5: "Received some more snow and the trails are in great shape. Enjoy the great conditions. Please stay right and slow down to arrive safe." - Brad, Wire Bridge Sno-Travelers

Lexington-Highland-Concord-Pleasant Ridge :2/28: "Trail report our groomers were out today they groomed trail to Bingham to Corrigan Farm and the trail from Hard Scrabble Rd to the trail that meets the JVWing trail to Carrabassett. We also groomed by pipe drag our temporary trail to Kingfield Indian Pond trail. Groomer is scheduled to go out tomorrow Friday 3/1/19 to groom the Valley trail to the mailboxes in Dead River" - Cathy Horne, Lexington-Highlanders SC


Danforth area :3/15: "While we haven't groomed since before last weekend, trails have a good base and are in decent shape. We hope to groom trails at least 1, perhaps 2 more times depending upon how things hold up and temperatures. Any questions, contact (call or text) Trail Master Ryan Fish at 207-538-6081, Club President Troy Fish 207-538-6980 for any question you may have or message us on Facebook East Grand SC" - Dave Conley

Enfield:3/14: " Our Burlington, Howland, and power line trails were all groomed this week. The sun and warmer weather have been softening the trail surfaces, especially out in the open and along the plowed roads so please use caution. We are expecting the warm temps to continue with some rain tomorrow, so be on the lookout for washouts and bare ground this weekend. We'll touch them up as we can, but expect spring riding conditions from here on out!" Cold Stream Sno-Riders

Lincoln :3/13: From the Lincoln Snowhounds SC Facebook page: "Paul groomed the following on Tuesday night 3/12: From the clubhouse east on Trail 6 to ITS 81 south then west on Trail 2 to Trail 1, Trail 1 to Taylor Street and back to Trail 2. He then continued west on Trail 2 to Trail 4, Trail 4 to Dysart's, then back to Trail 2 east. He did Trail 2 back out to ITS 81 north to ITS 82 west to the other end of Trail 1, grooming south on 1 back to the clubhouse. Due to the warmer temperatures grooming will be temporarily suspended until it gets back to below freezing temperatures at night again. To make it last... PLEASE STAY OFF THE TRAILS ON FRIDAY 3/15 when temps are supposed to be around 50 degrees and rain is also in the forecast. Sounds like it is supposed to be warm with possible showers on Saturday as well. Anyone riding during those conditions WILL DESTROY the trails! Hopefully once it cools again later in the weekend or early next week we will be able to resume grooming for a couple more weeks anyway. Thanks for your cooperation and HAPPY TRAILS !!!" - Bill L.

Bucksport:3/9: "Was out riding our trails today. Was great to do local. need a few signs and some brush trimming in a few spots. But was 35 miles of enjoyment. Watch for deer, you can see them every where 17 was my count today. ENJOY your ride. Thanks Andy O"Family SC, web site

Orrington:: Orrington Trail Riders, website

Springfield :: Quad County SC web site, Facebook page See where the groomer has been


Downeast Sunrise Trail:3/15: "Trail report. With the warm temperatures the trail conditions are deteriorating. Still rideable, may be bare spots and snow is meally. Note: the snowmobile trail from Ayers junction to Calais is closed due to rails showing."Sunrise Trail web site or Facebook page

Beddington:3/13: "As of this writing all our trails have been groomed and were in good shape, riders have commented on how nice the trails were. With this warmer weather, we will not be grooming, but there should be enough snow on the ground to ride." Airline Riders SC

Calais :: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page:

Cherryfield : Narraguagus SC web site, Facebook page

CENTRAL MAINE (Greater LA, Augusta, Waterville etc)

Winthrop:3/17: " With the warm up and high sun angle trails are getting thin. Watch for exposed rocks and stumps. We will continue to groom as conditions permit. RIDE SAFE, RIDE RIGHT, & JOIN A CLUB!!!!! "- Hillandalers SC

Lewiston:3/15: From the Hillside Family Riders Facebook page "Unfortunately Mother Nature has not been kind to us in the last week so we have no choice but to close the trails in Lewiston. As we've talked about in the past, our trail system is delicate in the fact that we cross through quite a few of people's yards. They are gracious enough to allow us to use their property at no benefit to them, let's be respectful enough to stay off their property now that conditions have diminished. Thank you for respecting this decision.'" Hillside Family Riders SC

Albion :3/15: - Night Roadrunners SC Facebook page: "Well it appears we have reached the end here in town! We had a slow start to the season, but ended in style! I would like to thank everyone that makes this possible for all of us! Of course everyone on our amazing team and our members! We also could t do it without all of our truly amazing land owners that let us all play on their land !!!! Till next year , Tom"

Palermo:3/13: "Groomed trail to Frye Mtn, all P2, P1, L2, L1, Linscott Connector and North Palermo Loop. Trails came out great. Still some awesome riding out there. With the warm weather this is probably close to the end." Palermo SC

Auburn :3/8: "Trails groomed this week. Most trails in good shape. The airport trail is tuff going with thin snow in places. Come on out and ride. Might groom again after Sunday's storm if conditions allow. Ride safe. " - Mert Gould, Auburn Sno-Groomers

Readfield :3/7: "All of our trails have be groomed the last two nights. They are flat and smooth come and enjoy, might be last good riding with rain coming Sunday night and warm temps next week." - Peter Zarella, Readfield Blizzard Busters

Sidney:3/7: "The trails were all groomed this past weekend on Sunday before the storm, we will be out the next couple of nights grooming the trails hopefully we will have the Jimmy back up and running !! The trails are in great to excellent shape but you never know conditions so be safe and ride to the right hope to see a lot of people enjoying our trails and thank you to all the land owner for letting use use your trails!!!" - R Latno Jr, Sidney Trail Riders SC

Gardiner:3/7 : " Trails 29 and 29A were groomed last night. They are the best they have been all season. Get out and enjoy before the warmup next week" - Brian Winchester, Gardiner Ridge Riders

West Gardiner :: Cobbosseecontee SC

Manchester ::

Belgrade:: Belgrade Draggin Masters web site.


Hollis:3/18: "It has been a crazy winter but i think this is all she wrote. Thank you Landowners, members, business sponsors, and everyone who helped out on the trails and behind the scenes this year. See you Saturday May 11th at our Spring Craft Fair, Luncheon, & Plant Sale" - D Yarumian, Hollis Honkers SC

Cumberland/North Yarmouth:3/16: Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Facebook page reports :"I think we are about done folks. Thank you for respecting landowners and staying off the trails. Welcome to mud season. We'll collect signs when the frost allows us to."

Sanford-Springvale: 3/15: From the Southern Maine SnoGoers Facebook page: "Unfortunately with this warm weather and trail closures due to logging and other projects all trails are considered CLOSED"

Standish:3/13: "Here in Standish we have enjoyed some of the best riding southern Maine has to offer. Unfortunately the warm weather is taking its toll on the fields, powerlines and road crossings. We have lots of ice on the corners, water bars and protruding objects. The trails are still open but we will not be grooming unless the weather changes. Please use caution as spring riding conditions are here." - Paul Politz (President, Standish Sno-seekers)

Parsonsfield:3/7 : "Went out last night 3/7 the air temp was 20 when we started and 11 when we finished grooming 20 miles of in-town trails (Sacopee) from 6 PM to 9 PM, SVSD's wanted to give our snowmobilers those "White-Ribbon-Highways" that look like white sidewalks. What a total waste of time and fuel, we had the "Gang of Eight" the scourge of the earth out riding our freshly groomed trails spreading their widespread dreadful affliction and devastation as they ravaged our trails so that they looked like they'd been carpet-bombed by B-52's, very frustrating. The good news is that SVSD trails are stilled covered in plenty of snow. Exemption being the half-mile of soft gravel on the Tower trail. Be safe and ride-right. SVSD will rebuild our trails, we always do." - John Lambert (Groomer/Club Reporter) Sacopee Valley Snowdrifters

Waterboro :: Ossipee Mountaineers SC

Lyman:: Lyman SC, Facebook page "

3/10:"We rode yesterday from home, Monmouth through Wayne, Fayette, Chesterville, Mercer, Rome, Norridgewock, Fairfield, Oakland, Belgrade, No. Augusta, Manchester, Winthrop and back to Monmouth 126 miles! The trails were the best I've ever seen them, and especially Fairfield, Great job Fairfield Country Riders Snowmobile Club!!"