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The Maine Snowmobile Association

MSA Executive Committee, Staff
The Executive Committee includes elected officers and regional directors, appointed standing committee chairpersons and MSA past-presidents. Election of officers is held in the spring at the MSA annual meeting. Correspondence to Executive Committee members and MSA staff may be sent care of: The Maine Snowmobile Association, PO Box 80, Augusta, Maine 04332, emailed to the MSA office or emailed to individual Executive Committee members (below).

Executive Committee 2017-2018 Season

President-John Monk, Executive Vice President-Mike Grass Jr
Eastern Region VP-Eileen Lafland; Central Region VP-Jack Lord
Northern Region VP-Gary Marquis, Coastal Region VP-David Watson
Western Region VP- Roland Bowie
Treasurer-Barry Ryan, Secretary-Candice Pinkham
Assistant Treasurer-Harvey Chesley

Eastern Region Directors-Paul Bolstridge, Larry Lafland, Gary Dowling, Chuck Loring
Northern Region Directors-Mike Guerrette, Bob Stepnowski
Western Region Directors-Gary Okenquist, Peter Ford, Paul Gallant, Jon Wakefield
Coastal Region Directors-Rodney Berry, Frank Carroll, John Resmini
Central Region Directors- Jerry Withee, Sally Withee, David Cogley

Committee Chairs:
Trails-Mike Grass Jr, Finance- Barry Ryan, Scholarship-Richard Peck,
Fundraising-Aleta Rioux, Hospitality-Therese Lussier
Bylaws-David Stevens, Safety-Al Swett

Association Past Presidents:
David Stevens; Jim White, Harvey Chesley, Ken Ingalls,
Paul Davis, Aleta Rioux, Marion Pinkham, Tom Seymour
Jo Dunphy, Bob Flagg, Hiram Davis, Brian Wiley, Armand Davis,
Roger Pelletier, Richard Chase, Norman Pierce, Yvonne Knight, Nate Pease, Neil Fox
Association Past Presidents, Deceased:
Sam Gynan-Greenville, Howard Hannon-Augusta, Gary Jenkins-Augusta,
Beverly Rand-Sherman, Judson Roberts-Augusta
Russell Rodgerson-Bangor/Island Falls, Roy Tassinari-Auburn

MSA Staff:
Bob Meyers-Executive Director, Peg Meyers-Editor, Elaine Barden-Membership Processing