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Weather forecasts, snow depth reports, web cams and other info helpful to snowmobilers in Maine are available courtesy of the following web sites:


FORECAST: National Weather Service/Caribou, Maine

FORECAST: National Weather Service/Portland & Gray, Maine

TRAVEL CONDITIONS: Maine Dept. of Transportation


Northern Outdoors (The Forks)

Monticello (Aroostook)

Beaver Cove Camps (Moosehead)

Gray Ghost Camps (Rockwood)

Lake Parlin Lodge (Parlin Pond Twp)

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin area)

Twin Pine Camps (Katahdin view)

Shin Pond Village (Northern Katahdin)

5 Lakes Lodge (Katahdin area)

OUR LANDOWNERS: Please respect all landowners wishes while riding. Snowmobilers in Maine are the guests of Maine landowners who allow access. It is every snowmobiler's responsibility to protect that access by acting responsibly.

STAY OFF PLOWED ROADS: Snowmobilers who illegally snowmobile on plowed paper company roads threaten access for everyone,
and endanger themselves and the employees operating vehicles on those roads. Do not ride on these plowed roads, and do not park your vehicles and trailers on these roads.

STAY OFF THE BLUEBERRY BARRENS AND OTHER CROPLAND: Snowmobilers who illegally ride on blueberry barrens or other cropland are creating problems for the landowners, potential damage to their crops and threatening recreational access for everyone. Stay on marked trails.

BORDER CROSSINGS: Increased concern and security at our borders calls for strict attention to the law. For information about crossing our border with Canada, see the Border Guide supplied by the United States Border Patrol. (.pdf format, viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download ).

ATVs and other motorized vehicles: It is against the law to operate an ATV (or a dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle) on a snowmobile trail funded by the Club/Municipal grant program at any time of the year, unless the landowners have granted permission to do so.

WHEN CROSSING RAILROAD TRACKS be careful not to spin snow onto the tracks. Over time this snow builds up creating a ramping effect that has caused train derailment. These rail lines are privately owned and can be closed, which would fracture the trail system. Stop and look both ways at all railroad crossings.

trail report submission email
Snowmobile Trail Conditions Grooming equipment
Still lots of snow, and groomed riding to be found. Make time for more snowmobiling during this exceptional season - it can't last forever.
Be safe - enjoy!

Reports reflect observations of MSA family and business members who clear, sign, groom and ride the trails of Maine. Local chambers of commerce, businesses and snowmobile clubs are a good source for additional information on trails in their area.

Trail Reports are provided to the public courtesy of the members of the Maine Snowmobile Association. Reports are accepted from MSA family and business members, groomers/projects. Please include your name and the name of your MSA club when submitting the report. If you post trail conditions on your club or supporting business web site and wish to have your updates posted and linked from this page, drop us an email with your request.

Photo by Alan Swett - Trail grooming equipment may be encountered on the trail at any time of day or night.


Aroostook County:3/26: Caribou Rec reports "Most projects are reporting that they will continue grooming throughout the weekend and will see what the weather brings next week. I heard from many snowmobilers at the beginning of the week are reporting very nice conditions.
Deer Deer and more Deer are all over watch for tracks on the trails. Moose are also everywhere. Remember gas is sometimes long distances so plan accordingly.
ITS 85 Oxbow has been out and are reporting there section in good shape, the rest of 85 is in good shape
ITS 83 The 83 corridor is in good shape from top to bottom, remember Houlton will be grooming their section of 83 once a week as they are well over their hours.
ITS 81 Drifting in the open areas and plugged road crossings have been difficult but with the clubs out this section is in good shape.
ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.
ITS 90 Fort Fairfield and Caribou will be out on Thursday to take care of the blown snow, while Portage has come down on Wednesday night so this trail should be good by Thursday night and into the weekend.
ITS 88 will be out tonight on Aroostook river snowmobile club will be out tonight.
ITS 86 Oxbow has rerouted about 9 miles of this trail to bypass a logging operation so watch for signs. Houlton is reporting that they will not groom their section of 86 for the remainder of the season, so make arrangements ahead.
ITS 105 105 state road to Mapleton closed, due to significant drifting.
ITS 120 With deep snow this trail should be around for some time.
RT. 89 Groomed all the way, logging operation behind Bouchard's Packing shed in North Caribou. Remember that the Madawaska Stream will be opening up soon we will keep monitoring.
RT. 100 Improved riding from Caswell... remember though there are two branches of this trail one goes north out of Caswell and one goes west further south. They both intersect Rt 89 one closer to Rt 94 and the other closer to the Madawaska RiverÉ. Watch for markings. Easton trails will be all groomed
Chapman Ridge Runners trails will be done" - Complete report, including area social events, at web site linked above.

Benedicta :3/25: "Hey Gang, Still some good riding to be had all over Northern Maine and the Snowgang trail system. Have spoken with Trailmaster Stuart Kelley and my trail report is as follows::::
ITS# 83 - Sherman/Whetstone falls - groomed, with good conditions.
ITS# 81 - Sherman/Benedicta/Mattawamkeag Cutoff - groomed, with good conditions.
Municipal Trail #70 - Benedicta/Whetstone Falls - No grooming being done on this trail. Have 4 miles of plowed road on the E. end near Benedicta. Trail is "ride at your own risk"!
All Snowgang club trails have been groomed and have good conditions at this time. Deer and moose using all trails to get around. With the rains and 50 degrees coming on Thurs./Fri, the possibility of snowsnakes surfacing exists - slow down,be careful!!" - Jim Splan, Reporter at Large, Benedicta Snowgang

Frenchville: 3/24: Frenchville SC reports "Trails are groomed and in good shape. Warm weather is approaching...will continue with updates..."

Notice: 3/21: MSA Trails Coordinator Larry Lafland reports that ITS86 (Houlton to Oxbow) is Closed due to Plowed Roads. (5-10 miles)

Madawaska-St John River Valley:3/15: - "Excellent trails throughout Northern Maine. ..."

Mars Hill: 3/13: "ITS 83 Monticello to Presque Isle is in good condition.
ITS 81 Mars Hill to Easton is in good condition.
ITS 81 Mars Hill south to Rte 70A is in good condition. Watch out for moose on the trail.
Rte 70A loop around the #9 Lake Trail are both in good condition. Again watch out moose on the trails.
Our annual hot dog roast is Sunday 3/15 at #9 Lake at Lunney's camp 11am-2pm. Enjoy the Spring riding folks!" - Nick Bailey, Central Aroostook SC

Linneus:: Linneus Sno Sports

Macwahoc:: Eastern Maine Snow Riders.


Katahdin Area Jo Mary Riders: 3/25: "on Tuesday night, March 24, the Jo Mary Riders groomed the following trails;
B Pond, 109 to 111 X-over, Ragged Mtn., Gauntlet/Greenwood Mtn. Loop, 109 South, "Suspension Bridge", 109 North to Parkway Trail intersection. All trails are still in excellent condition!!"- Rick Levasseur, Jo Mary Riders, Jo Mary Riders Facebook page.

Katahdin Area Trail Update :3/24: "The Katahdin Region is enjoying some Excellent! Spring Riding. All the trails are groomed (last night - March 23rd), there is an excellent base, temperatures are still cold - we have been having some 7 & 10 degree days and colder at night. - Questions - call us at 207-723-5438 - we are here to help.
All groomers are reporting excellent conditions, so come join us for some great spring riding!
March 23rd Grooming - all trails Excellent: 109 Connector- to Suspension Bridge: 85-86 to Whetstone : State Road - ITS 85/86 (Millinocket Lake to Baxter SP Gate) : Pole Line - ITS 85/86: Logan Pond Trail.
March 21st Grooming: 85-86 Abol Trail: Central Street & Hotels: Central Street & Hotels
We will be grooming here at the Twin Pines Snowmobile Club as long as there is still snow on the ground and as long as you keep showing up to ride!For more frequent updates please visit our Facebook page at: and visit our website - trail reports | conditions at: New England Outdoor Center

Bowlin-Matagamon-Shin Pond SC: 3/16:" So what a beautiful day it is! We are digging out from 20 inches of SNOW! Yes it was light snow but still a crazy March storm and it looks real pretty now! , with the warmer temps today we see it settling nicely! ITS114S to 85S Whetstone Bridge was groomed last night, 71D will be done tonight, and we will groom 64 tomorrow. This is spectacular March riding! Matagamon is grooming ITS 85S also. Libbys Camp will be open this weekend also. As always feel free to call or email me anytime!" - Terry 207-528-2900 or Check out our live webcam at


Shirley:3/23: "We had a nice 18" of snow last Sunday. Most of it has packed down and trails are being groomed. We have however had a few more inches during the week accompanied with cold temperatures and lots of wind gusts. It is difficult to keep the drifts groomed. So do watch out for the drifts and gusts, which are predicted for all week. Plowed roads are also showing bare with some icy patches. Spring is here but with deep winter temperatures." - Debi Lynne Baker-Secretary, Shirley Bog Trail Busters

Rockwood :3/22: The Birches Resort reports - "Big Snow this past week 14 to 18 inches of great powder.
ITS 88 was groomed from The Birches north towards Jackman and south to Greenville system last night.
The trails are magnificent now. Come and get it. Great Ice Fishing conditions reported.
The Birches is open every day, all day from 7 am to 10 PM We are opened with lodging and super no lead gas. Come and enjoy our great food and views of Moosehead Lake and MT. Kineo
The Birches has three groomers (Tucker Sno Cats) one of which is the latest model. This will assure no interruptions in grooming ,making your riding experience at The Birches the best that it can be. The Birches cabins are always opened.
Rockwood now has five groomers." - Facebook Page

Rockwood:3/19:Blue Ridge Riders snowmobile club "The calendar may say we're on the cusp of spring, but the snow depth map says we're on the cusp of 40"!!! This looks to be the best spring riding Moosehead Lake has seen in a long time. Conditions are mint!" View more info at Facebook page linked above

Greenville:3/19: From the Moosehead Riders SC: "Moosehead Riders groomers are out now on both sides of Moosehead Lake to get trails in excellent shape for the upcoming weekend.
Scammon road is open and passable at this time, due to the near 2 feet of snow dumped on us since Sunday! We'll keep you posted with any changes as the March sun warms the road.
ITS 86 West towards the intersection of ITS 88 towards Rockwood and 86 towards The Forks is currently being groomed. This trail will be excellent with the packing down of the trail. Lots of blowing this week had created pretty big drifts, but with the winds dying down now, this trail will be ready and excellent for riding.
ITS 85 South is also being groomed this evening to manage the drifts and blowing. Continue to use caution in open areas where the blowing can create big drifts. This trail should be in excellent shape after we pack it down again this evening.
ITS 85 North to Kokadjo is a beautiful trail with excellent views and is in very good riding condition. We are currently grooming this trail today.
The 110 Connector towards Brownville also is getting packed down and is another beautiful and scenic ride. Watch out for wildlife on this trail, but bring your camera for panoramic views and maybe even a moose sighting.
Ride safe, ride right and have a great weekend! Our club will continue grooming until the end of the month, with end date scheduled for 3/31/15." More area riding info at web site linked above, Moosehead Riders Facebook page .

Historic Pittston Farm:3/15: Historic Pittston Farm Facebook page "So much for the 6" we were supposed to get. We have received around 14-16 inches so far and it is still snowing!!!!!! We talked to a lot of people over the past few days who had said "this is our last ride" or "The seasons over" NOTTTTTTTT...hahahaha. This storm just added a minimum of two more weeks if not 3-4. March riding is the best riding!! Warmer day and cold nights. Now with deep snow off trail riding should improve as well. As usual we will be out grooming everything tonight. Trails should be unreal this week.

Kokadjo:3/8: "The March riding season is starting with plenty of snow and awesome riding conditions. The groomers are out and all trails are in excellent condition! With temperatures in the 20's this week we are looking forward to lots of great riding area, come out and enjoy the early spring riding conditions, you just can't beat these trails and views." - Kokadjo Roach Riders. View reports of individual trails at web site linked above.

North East Carry::


The Forks:3/24: "We are grooming throughout this week as needed. A little bit of a warm up coming, but cooling off Friday night and throughout the weekend. Some nice spring riding out there! We will be wrapping up grooming for the season with our last runs on Saturday night.
DETOUR... ITS 87 BETWEEN PLEASANT POND AND MOXIE MOUNTAIN IS CLOSED DUE TO LOGGING AND SEVERAL MILES OF PLOWED ROAD WITH HEAVY TRUCKING. Use the Pleasant Pond Trail and/or the Bald Mountain Trail as a detour around the closed section of ITS 87.
ITS 86 FROM BERRY'S STORE HEADING EAST TOWARD GREENVILLE/ROCKWOOD TO THE ITS 88 JUNCTION. Intown is a bit rough. Once just 1 mile out of town, things improve greatly. Boise Road, Power Line sections are all in great shape. There is a 1/2 mile section of plowed road around Moxie Pond... go slow through there. Logging has finished off the Shirley and Brochu Roads, so those sections are now groomed and itŐs good going all the way to the ITS 88 intersection.
ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM. Divide Road section is groomed flat and fine riding. ITS 87 south of Pleasant Pond is closed due to an active logging operation, with several miles of plowed road and heavy trucking. Use the Pleasant Pond Trail and/or the Bald Mountain Trail as a detour around the closed section of ITS 87.
CARATUNK SPUR. Open and groomed.
PLEASANT POND TRAIL. Smooth sailing!
BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 86 HEADING SOUTH TO ITS 87. Good going all the way through to the Bingham turnaround.
BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL. Open and good riding.
KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL. Overall in fine shape.
For day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is very large, well plowed and has plenty of room for large trailers. The lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Trail maps, 91 octane gas, food are available at Northern Outdoors." - Jim Yearwood, Northern Outdoors SC, Northern Outdoors site, Facebook page

Jackman-Moose River:3/24: Jackman Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce web site reports "What a gorgeous day and the trails in the Jackman area are in fantastic shape! Temperatures are staying cold and the groomers are still doing their magic. Still have plenty of time to ride before "spring"." More info including reports on individual trails, at web site linked above.

Jackman: 3/23:Border Riders Sportsman Club - "All trails are open including the sugar loop. Reports are trails are all in very good condition. Lots of snow - should be good riding." View grooming reports for individual trails at website linked above

Jackman:3/23: Bishop's Motel reports "Plenty cold enough now for groomed trails to set up nicely. March riding is awesome with comfortable temps and good trails! It's worth the trip, come on up!!
ROCKWOOD: Fair to Good " See more trails, lodging info at web site linked above

Madison:3/23: "Still grooming!!! Trails are awesome get out and enjoy." - Abnaki Sno-Riders

Solon:3/20: Solon Snow Hawks "Well, cold weather is back in place, but even with the recent snow there are still lots of bare spots showing up. we groomed what we had mid week and it came out good. The snow depths vary greatly some places there is still lots and other places there is very little. Ride safe" - SSH.

Bingham:3/19: "We picked up another 8 inches of snow on this last Sunday. Colder temps will allow us to continue grooming and the trails should be in fantastic shape for the upcoming weekend. The groomer will be on its regular winter schedule. ITS 84 and ITS 87 will be groomed Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Come up to Bingham and ride from here to Greenville, The Forks, Jackman, Kingfield, and Eustis. Get out and enjoy these longer days." - Leo Hill, Valley Riders SC, Gateway Recreation & Lodging

West Forks, Parlin Pond:3/18: Coburn Summit Riders report "After a foot and half of new snow over the past 4 days it's hard to imagine conditions could get much better.
This is most definitely Spring riding at its best.
We will be grooming tonight and through next week and will end grooming for the season next weekend. It's time to get out and enjoy the end of whatŐs been a great winter.
All trails are groomed and in good condition. Be aware of drifting snow in the trails as we have had high winds yesterday and today." More info at web site linked above.

UPDATE: TRAIL CLOSURE: ITS 113 Skowhegan-Cornville-Athens is closed to snowmobilers for this winter. This trail runs on the power line. It has been decided it is too dangerous to keep the trail open with work crews operating machinery in this area. Signs have been posted by the Cornville Groomers SC and gates have been closed, yet some riders continue to use this trail. This is a safety issue. Please stay off - the trail is closed to snowmobiles for the remainder of the season.


Guilford:3/20: "After some snow this week to freshen things up, all trails have been groomed and are currently in great condition. Hard to believe it's the first day of spring. For the last two weeks we've been out of grant money so all grooming has been done directly from the club's funds. Yesterday Breakneck Ridge was groomed for the first time since the Sunday snow and winds. The tucker had to break through 3 to 4 foot drifts in many places on the way up the ridge. That run alone cost $145 in fuel. This is the time of year when club memberships are greatly appreciated so if you enjoy our trails please think about joining our club. We will groom to Dover and do the covered bridge trail tonight, Saturday night we will groom all of ITS 85 and the covered bridge trail, then we will see what the weather next week brings. If it can stay cold we'll groom again for next weekend.
ITS 85- Excellent shape the entire way through. Still rough and boney for a 1/2 mile at the north end near the Blanchard Road where a logging operation is still ongoing.
Connector Trails:
BREAKNECK RIDGE- Great conditions besides the plowed road sections. We're dealing with a little over 2 miles of plowed road on breakneck and another 1/8 mile plowed stretch in Shirley in addition to the usual plowed section in Blanchard. On Breakneck there is enough room to ride the edges on snow out of the road.
COVERED BRIDGE TRAIL- Great conditions.
HARLOW POND TRAIL- Great conditions. The river and Harlow Pond have plenty of ice and are being groomed." - Jacob Vainio, for the Four Winds SC

Monson:3/20 "We've received over a foot of fresh snow since Sunday and all trails will be groomed fresh for the weekend. Last weekend the trails were too icy for our drags, but luckily they were pretty smooth from earlier grooming. We won't have that problem this weekend. While we've long exhausted our grant money for grooming, we plan on keeping operations going until the very end from our own club coffers. Get out there and enjoy it, because despite old man winter hanging around longer than usual, it's still the end of March and it can be all over in a flash this time of year.
NARROW GAUGE (Pole Line)- In Great Shape. We hope to be testing out the 8' X 14' Mogul Master on this trail before the end of the season.
BLANCHARD TRAIL- Great Shape. We've had some serious wind this week so be careful on the lake. We'll try to groom down the drifts the best we can.
NORTH TRAIL- Only opened to the Spring Road Lookout. This trail is still being groomed periodically." - Jacob Vainio, for the Narrow Gauge Riders Snowmobile Club

Newport, Stetson, Etna: :

Corinna:: Corundel Raiders SC


Enfield:3/27:"Spring conditions have finally arrived. The woods still have plenty of snow cover but sections out in the open and where the roads are plowed are beginning to show bare spots and mud. Expect some slush and standing water in the low areas and use caution crossing the bogs as they may be starting to open. Please remember to avoid any bare ground that appears out of respect for the landowners!" Cold Stream Sno-Riders

Orrington:: Orrington Trail Riders, web site

Bucksport:: Family SC, web site

Springfield::" Quad County SC web site, Facebook page See where the groomer has been


Beddington:3/26:"So far the trails are still terrific. Tuesday and Wednesday riding was excellent! Trails may become a little soft today. We're supposed to get warm weather later today and tomorrow. Waiting to see what happens. Feel free to contact us for better information for the weekend."-Reggie Archer, Airline Riders SC. View complete report at web site linked above

Cherryfield :3/20: Narraguagus SC web site, Facebook page "The trails have been groomed from Jonesboro to Washington Junction. There was some snow drifts that formed overnight and taken care of again this morning in the Harrington and Columbia area. As we get closer to spring {Happy first day of SPRING on the calendar !} there starts to get bare spots and water holes, so PLEASE proceed with caution. This could be the last week-end of groomed trails so get out and ENJOY !!"

Calais :: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page


Downeast Sunrise Trail:: View the Sunrise Trail web site


Kingfield:3/19: "We still have some great riding ! Our trails #115 North to Carrabassett Valley as well as South to ITS 84 are all groomed out as well as Allen's Pinnacle. Club trails are also in great shape. The groomers will be out Saturday to groom once again. Count down is not far away so get out and enjoy all our groomed trails. Enjoy and ride safe!!" - Sno-Wanderers Club of Kingfield.

Eustis/Stratton :3/19: Arnold Trail SC "Trails all looking great. Fresh snow and colder temps have set trails back up. Come on up and play." More info at web site linked above.


Rangeley: 3/25 : Rangeley Lakes SC "Trails are open. It is still winter here. We will be grooming on our regular schedule through March 31st. Grooming after that will be contingent on the weather. We are expecting some great spring riding this year. The detail trail report will be continually updated as conditions change.
The trails are in great shape. Conditions are great. There is deep snow out there for you off trail riders! Please be careful. Come on up and enjoy all the best mother nature has to offer.
ITS 89 between Route 16 and Quill Hill has been rerouted and there is logging for the last 1/4 mile of the Oquossoc Rail Bed Trail by Route 16. Please use caution and follow the trail signs." View full report, condition of individual trails, at web site linked above.

Roxbury/Byron:3/23: Slippery Sliders SC "Groomed 16 west to Andover and Roxbury Pond on Sunday afternoon, this trail saw extremely heave traffic over the weekend and was getting rough. There is a large logging operation on this trail on the Garland pond road and Lonus Farm road so be prepared to meet equipment on this trail. Plan on grooming the entire length of 117 Monday and Tuesday. Bunker Pond trail has power line work being done, plowed from both ends making it difficult to groom and ride on, may not groom this again.
It's been a great season for riding, hope you where all able to enjoy all our hard work. Remember, this club, like most small clubs, all work is done by volunteers, no payment is taken for hundreds of hours of hard work in some extreme conditions."

Rumford:3/22 : Rumford Polar Bears "3/22/15 - Trail 17 from the Logan Trail to the Zircon Road was groomed by John Blais.
3/22/15 - The Phillips Trail was groomed by John.
3/22/15 - The Logan Trail was groomed by John. He made 6 passes on each trail. He also removed many limbs and some trees that had blown onto the trails. It was a long day.
3/19/15 - The Hanover Trail was groomed by Bob Milligan and Carroll York.
3/19/15 - The A&B Trail was groomed by Bob and Carroll.
3/19/15 - Trail 12 from Rumford Point to the Hanover Trail was groomed by Bob and Carroll."

Bethel-Greenwood-Woodstock:3/14: "Just did a short tour of trail 13 from Bethel to Rabbit Rd and up to Mt Abram. Not bad considering. Sunny spots are starting to show signs of spring. Lots of traffic out there. Hope everyone is having a good day." - View more info at Greenstock Snowsports

Hebron:3/13: "Trails are still very well covered and groomed. With snow in the forecast for this weekend good conditions could hold up for another few weeks unless it hit 70 degrees! The San Hill Loop trail is still close due to logging on the State Sanitarium property. This does NOT affect ITS89. Trail maps are available at The Storekeepers on ITS89 (the RR Bed) or call The Storekeepers for trail conditions 207-966-2733
A set of car keys was found on ITS89 in Hebron March 7th. Hope to return them to their owner. Call The Storekeepers 207-966-2733.
Think FUN!" - B. Francis, Bouncing Bogies SC

Naples:3/13: Muddy River Sno-Seekers Facebook, web page - "3/13/15 -- Despite some very warm temps this past week and a loss of much snow, cold nights are allowing us to continue to groom. Trails are still in very good condition. Any trails open to the the daily sun are starting to wear thin and lakes are extremely slushy so please ride with caution. "

Sebago:: Sebago Branch Duckers, more local info at Facebook page.

Jay:: Andy Valley Riders SC

Andover:: Andover Snow Valley Sno-Goers

Mexico ::

Newry:: Windy Valleys SC

CENTRAL MAINE (Greater LA, Augusta, Waterville etc)

Palermo:3/24: "All trails groomed Tuesday and Wednesday. Good to excellent condition. Still plenty of great riding. Very few bare spots and only couple minor washouts." - Palermo SC

Sidney :3/23: "Glen and Todd went out and groomed this weekend on the East side of Town. I will be grooming the Power line from Augusta to Waterville tonight the trails are still in good to excellent conditions!!!!! But the end is coming soon, sounds like snow and rain for Wednesday and Thursday !!! Spring riding condition!! Rocks are starting to show here and there, the road crossings and store ways are all bare ground!!! The brooks and streams will be opening up soon!! So have fun while you can before the Lady starts singing louder!!!! Be careful out there !!! "- Dicky Latno, Safety officer of the Sidney Trail Riders

West Gardiner :3/18 "3/18/15: Spring riding, bare spots and ruts, trails can be icy. Use caution." - Cobbosseecontee SC

Lewiston:3/17: "Grooming has come to an end. The last day of grooming was Sunday, March 15. Trails are overall in decent condition and due to low traffic, have held up well and are flat. Spring riding conditions. Some dirt and rocks, especially where the sun hits the trail. Powerlines have the least amount of snow, trails in the woods still have great snowpack. The river and lakes are frozen but have very little snow remaining. With colder temps this week, we should be riding through the weekend. The Turnpike underpass should be avoided. Enjoy the last few days!" - Chris Fournier, Club Reporter, Hillside Family Riders


Gardiner: : Gardiner Ridge Riders

Winthrop:: Hillandalers SC

Belgrade:: Belgrade Draggin Masters


Cumberland/North Yarmouth:3/24: Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Facebook page: "Effective immediately Val Halla Golf Course is closed to snowmobiling due to the exposed grass. Please respect this as we opened up the connector trail this year and do not want to lose this section for next year."

Sanford-Springvale:3/24:Southern Maine Sno-Goers web site "ALL CLUB MAINTAINED TRAILS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN.
Our Trailmaster says: We have 12 to 24 inches of snow on the ground. A couple of frozen water holes have developed. Trails are hard pack to lose granular, passable with some lubrication for cooling.
No more grooming taking place. Gates will be closed in a couple weeks."

Lyman:: Lyman SC "Trails are still open but we are done grooming for the season. Roads are being plowed and water holes will be opening up so be careful out there. I want to thank the groomers and everyone who helped out preseason to make this season the best we have ever had. We have a good group of members, hopefully we can build our membership up and have an even better season next year. Keep checking into the website for trail work dates, we have some big projects that need to be completed before next season. Thanks again to our members without your help our trails would suffer."

Waterboro:: Ossipee Mountaineers SC