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Snowmobile Maine
R emember that a rough stretch of trail I mentioned before? We knew it was coming but it's still going to take a position adjustment.

"you don't have to like it, you just have to deal with it."

The 2020 Maine Snowmobile Show date has come and gone.

Instead of enjoying the Anual Snowmobile Show at the Civic Center last weekend we are dreaming of better days ahead. So far the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our world and is not showing any real signs of letting up.

Let's see how we deal with this going forward. Your MSA Office is now being completely staffed by volunteers. Real snowmobilers who are giving their time to keep us moving forward.
After a rocky start with the Membership Packet Distribution in August and September, when we thought we might come out of that rough patch of trail, we found out we're being rerouted and had to start backtracking.
Susan, our only paid employee, is no longer with us and we are running the office with volunteers from the steering committee.

If you've called the Office, dropped by, or sent an email you're being served by Al who is doing a terrific job keeping up with all of it.

Al is covering all the duties listed in our job posting. He is busy answering phones, responding to email, welcoming walkins etc as well as handling all the post office stuff and making bank deposits. He is still doing his Executive VP & Safety Chair responsibilities too.
Lori is spending her weekends doing bookkeeping and weeknights keeping up with coordinating production of the Maine Snowmobiler Paper. No small task considering the amount of transmitals that need recording.
The Clubs are busy getting membership renewals and signing up new members as well as selling Super Raffle tickets.
Eileen is entering memberships as fast as we get them ready for her. One day last week she processed 370 membership cards.

They all deserve all the KUDOS you can muster up.

Have you visited the new online MSA store? This is a good time to look for gifts for that sledhead in your family. Indulge yourself with new clothing items or check out those really nice duffle bags. Make your friends envious and support our sport.
The 2021 calendars are available using this printable order form or you can order them through the MSA store. I hear they are better than ever and also less expensive.

Novembers Directors Meeting Tuesday November 17th
Mt. Kineo Lodge #109, 34 Hudson Ave. Guilford
6:30 pm Meeting no meal but please let the MSA office know if you plan to attend

The MSA Office has distributed all of the Club Membership Packets for the NEW season which started October 1, 2020 and ends next September 30, 2021. Have you checked in with your club lately? If you are a club president and didn't receive yours it may be in someone elses hands. Any of the missing forms or additional forms are in the Members area of the webpage.

Update on Super Raffle

This years Super Raffle Drawing will be moved from the Augusta Civic Center to the Waterville Elks Lodge. It will be held on Thursday December 17th

The Super Raffle tickets and Posters are out there and the office does have a second batch printed and distribution is going fast. Call the MSA office at 207 622-6983 to make arrangements to get some for your club. With the current economic restrictions imposed by the Govenors office it is the one consistent opportunity for your club to raise funds.

I created a page specifically for the previous web postings of the Annual Awards

Stay-Safer-at-Home is being modified by Executive Order of the Governor almost daily.
You can see the latest official postings on a state website for COVID-19.

Since we are still under Stay-Safer-at-Home... if you're bored take some time to review the Economic Impact study. You can download the entire pdf document here. (opens in a new tab or window)
An Economic Evaluation of Snowmobiling in Maine:
The magic number for the 2018-2019 season was in excess of
$606 Million dollars

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